Work Order Management

  • Automatic work order status updates to residents (via email and text)
  • Uber inspired photos of techs sent upon assignment
  • Amazon/Google style search
  • Easily export and download customizable reports
  • Data Integrity: Hard coded data that can’t be manipulated (completing and deleting work orders)
  • Track and manage emergencies and code enforcement violations
  • Track work orders waiting on parts
  • Bulk actions (assign, un assign, outsource, to both techs and vendors)
  • More advanced bulk actions
  • Work order history (unit)
  • Smart work order assignment recommendation
  • Transparent Timeline view
  • Instant Spanish Translation
  • Linear work order views
  • Uses AI to determine work order category
  • Adding images to work orders.
  • Make smart assigning decisions based on tech workload
  • Control expectations with the resident based on historical completion data
  • Take your resident satisfaction to the next level with work order ratings
  • Give residents full control and boost retention with work order call back MGMT
  • CRM for work orders (tracks emails sent)

Digital Make Ready Board

  • 2021 version of the white board in the office
  • Easily track the last time the board was updated
  • Assign and schedule make ready tasks to both vendors and techs
  • Manage make ready board from anywhere - on any device.
  • Adds accountability with insights as to who completed what and when
  • Reduce vacancy loss with faster turn times
  • Fully Customizable

Smart Insight Reports

  • Daily maintenance report providing stats in a personalized format.
  • Daily feedback with the good bad and ugly
  • Highlights with what the focus should be
  • Congratulates on good performance
  • Provides positive reinforcement
  • Pushes important data to those that need it
  • Side-by-side comparison

Technician Management

  • Assign skills to each technician
  • Track the individual performance of each tech
  • Tracks the tech ratings
  • Tracks the AVG completion time
  • Tracks the AVG callback %
  • Visual insights to tech performance
  • Tech leaderboards
  • Performance Badges
  • Live Activity Feed
  • Smart skill proficiency tracking
  • Bilingual
  • Designed for mobile

Maintenance Analytics

  • Uses real time KPI’s to provide a quick snapshot of current performance compared to last 30 days.
  • Detailed graphs with performance trends
  • Get the information you need to make critical decisions with actual data
  • All the tools you need to forecast overall maintenance needs

Vendor Management

  • View and edit your vendor list
  • See work order assignment and completion history
  • Track the individual performance of each vendor
  • Tracks vendor ratings
  • Tracks the AVG completion time
  • Tracks the AVG callback %
  • Increase resident satisfaction
  • Improved vendor performance visibility

Resident Features

  • Full control (ability to create, call back and rate work orders)
  • Full transparency (ability to see the current status in real time)
  • Be in the know (receive automated email and text notifications throughout the work order process)
  • Know who’s entering your home
  • Give the full picture by uploading photos!
  • You’re in control! Not satisfied with the work? Mark the request incomplete to reopen the ticket.
  • Your opinion matters. Leave a review and feedback for your completed requests.
  • Be in the know - all maintenance tickets come with the name and picture of their corresponding technician as soon as a request is assigned.
  • Uses artificial intelligence to auto assign the best maintenance category for easy request submittals.

Included with AppRent

  • Property File Management
  • Email generation tool